Modern Heating and Cooling

When deciding how to air condition your home, the choice of system depends on the area or number of rooms you want to cover. If you only want to cool or heat one or two rooms, you’re best to look for a split system. If you want to air condition your entire house, then a ducted (or central) air conditioning/heating system is the better option. Either way, Modern Heating and Cooling (MH&C) can help you make the right choice for your home.

MH&C offers a reliable, professional and fully guaranteed service to residential customers throughout the metropolitan area. All our technicians are able to carry out the full range of air-conditioning and heating solutions for the residential market.

Our services include:

  • Supply and installation of Gas, Reverse Cycle and Evaporative Ducted Systems.
  • Supply and installation of Split Systems.
  • Serving of all domestic Air Conditioning and Heating.
  • All ventilation requirements.
  • Electrical upgrades to cope with the additional power being distributed.

You will stay comfortable all year round with a Modern Heating and Cooling solution, call us today on 62428895.